36 Best and Famous Muhammad Ali Quotes


Muhammad Ali Quotes: Muhammad Ali is not just a name in history. He is an icon, an influential individual. The thing that people are mostly aware of about him is, him being the heavyweight champion three times in the world. Also how he has effortlessly triumphed over some of the best boxers that history has … Read more

100+ One Line Quotes and Short Thoughts

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One Line Quotes: In our busy lifestyle, we don’t get much time to read and share long paragraphs and phrases. We need short one-line quotes that can express our feelings and thoughts. These simple quotes can convey what we are supposed to express and are simple to understand. They are short yet effective ways to … Read more

30+ Running Quotes To Keep You Inspired


Running Quotes: Running is one of the great habits of many people all across the globe. It is one of the best ways to boost your body and mind as well. Moreover, running is one of the best physical exercises. Once you understand the importance of running, it becomes an integral part of your regular … Read more

37 Best Joker Quotes You Will Love

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Joker Quotes: Comic lover or not? Movie lover or not? There’s no way you are not familiar with the term ‘’Joker’’, Batman’s arch-nemesis. His character has always been intriguing to the viewers. The way he viewed the world, his cunning smile which would leave chills down everyone’s spine. He is one of the most notorious … Read more

Knowledge Quotes and Motivational Thoughts


Knowledge Quotes: Knowledge is power – the one without knowledge is a fool wasting his life on this planet. Knowing about things is blessings. You should be chasing dreams, gathering knowledge, and live your life to the fullest. Always remember every day is a new opportunity to educate yourself. Do not let your life go … Read more

Math Quotes – Inspirational and Funny Math Quotes

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Math Quotes: Mathematics can be a passion or a nightmare. There’s almost no in-between. But there’s a beauty that lies in maths. If you keep exploring it, understand it and get enough inspiration, maths can be just as fun as any other subject. People who loved and worked on mathematics have written their names on … Read more

Inspirational Education Quotes Of All Time


Education Quotes: Education has worked as a staircase to the dreams of billions of people over the years. Although we tend to resonate education or educational quotes with only students or teachers, it doesn’t start or end with institutions. Education stays with us from the day we are born till the day we die. We … Read more

Best Inspirational Quotes for Women


Inspirational Quotes for Women: Women are the wow-humans. They are the ones whom society keeps trying to oppress since the dawn of time and they keep getting back louder, fancier, and stronger than ever. Women are the epitome of beauty, strength, inspiration, warrior, and every respective word. Being a woman is challenging due to society’s … Read more

50+ Pregnancy Quotes – Beautiful and Inspirational


Pregnancy Quotes: The journey of pregnancy is an incredible experience for any expecting mother. Whether it is the first time conceive or not, the surge of excitement is all the same! Whether it is long-awaited or unexpected, the news of pregnancy comes with a feeling of contentment and anticipation. The expecting mom goes through various … Read more