Happiness Quotes That Will Make You Happy


Happiness Quotes: Happiness can actually be found even in the darkest days only if one knows how to turn on the light and banish the darkness. It is one’s duty to live their life as fully as possible as we are only blessed with only one life. Life is all about creating happiness and making … Read more

Mother Quotes – Beautiful Quotes About Mother


Mother Quotes: Motherhood is the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life without any doubt. Being a mother unleashes the best and strongest aspect of a woman. She can do anything, fight the toughest battle, and sacrifice everything for her children. These mothers need appreciation, love, and all the beautiful things of the world. Mothers … Read more

Dream Quotes – Inspirational Words of Dream


Dream Quotes: Dreams are what keep us alive and thriving. Sometimes we are met with piles of obstacles and we fail to take the first position at the marathon called life. But it is our dreams and goals that help us keep our feet on the race track and keep running towards the end. So … Read more

100+ Friendship Day Quotes and Wishes (2022)

Happy Friendship Day Quotes Images

Friendship Day Quotes: Friendship– a word that carries a thousand emotions in it! It is a special, precious bond with a dash of sharing, selflessness, care, and compassion. Life is always better when you have some trusted companions by your side. Whether you bond with your friends over your sense of humor, similar taste in … Read more

150+ Facebook Quotes for Bio, Caption & Status

Facebook Quotes: Nowadays, we are living in the era of social media. Among all, Facebook is the most used social media all over the world. Its user count is around a billion now. Grabbing the Facebook market is the goal for most content creators. Creative and appealing content is the checkmark of successful content creators. … Read more

50+ Best Job Quotes For Inspiration


Job Quotes: Office life can be monotonous at times, even if you are working in your dream sector. The stress is more overwhelming if you are stuck in a career that isn’t suitable for you, or if you are still on the job search. It is easy to feel worn out by the different challenges … Read more

36 Best and Famous Muhammad Ali Quotes


Muhammad Ali Quotes: Muhammad Ali is not just a name in history. He is an icon, an influential individual. The thing that people are mostly aware of about him is, him being the heavyweight champion three times in the world. Also how he has effortlessly triumphed over some of the best boxers that history has … Read more

100+ One Line Quotes and Short Thoughts

one liner quotes

One Line Quotes: In our busy lifestyle, we don’t get much time to read and share long paragraphs and phrases. We need short one-line quotes that can express our feelings and thoughts. These simple quotes can convey what we are supposed to express and are simple to understand. They are short yet effective ways to … Read more

30+ Running Quotes To Keep You Inspired


Running Quotes: Running is one of the great habits of many people all across the globe. It is one of the best ways to boost your body and mind as well. Moreover, running is one of the best physical exercises. Once you understand the importance of running, it becomes an integral part of your regular … Read more