60+ Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter

Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter: Although there are many relationships in this world but the relationship between a father and his daughter is the most beautiful relationship. From birth to adulthood father is the guide in every aspect of life. A father is the best idol to his daughter. Nothing compares to the sweetness of a parent-daughter relationship.

There are many famous quotes from many famous people about father. In this article on the occasion of Father’s Day, we have collected the famous fathers day quotes which is the most beautiful thing to say about father. Reading these fathers day quotes from daughter will make your mind happy. You can share these quotes on Father’s Day on your social profiles. Any parent would be happy to read these father-daughter quotes. Your love, care, and respect for him will be expressed. You can send these quotes not only to your father but also to your husband, brother, friend or colleague who is a father. Greetings and love to all fathers on Father’s Day.

Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter

“Happy Father’s Day to the man who showed me the power of love through the good times and through the bad times.”

“Dad, thanks for being by my side even when I thought I am independent, but actually I needed you.”

“I am a princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a king. Happy Father’s day!”

Fathers Day Quotes from Daughter

“My dad’s my best mate, and he always will be.” – Cher Lloyd

“No matter how many boys come into my life, Daddy, you will always be the first man I have ever loved. I love you so much. Happy Father’s Day”

“Happy Father’s Day to my hero and role model. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. We love you with all our hearts.”

“A girl’s father is the first man in her life, and probably the most influential.” – David Jeremiah

“Dear daddy, you taught me everything I know. I`m grateful to God for being your daughter.”

“Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.” – Marinela Reka

“Thanks, dad for being the pillar of support in my hard times and being goofy and super cool in times of joy. You’re the coolest. Happy Father’s Day.”

“Thank heaven for the special relationship between fathers and daughters. It is blessed from above.”

“You’re an epitome of care and support. Thank you so much dad for standing by me when it counted. Love you. Happy Father’s Day.”


“I’ve said it before, but it’s absolutely true: My mother gave me my drive, but my father gave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future.” – Liza Minnelli

“He adopted a role called Being a Father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: A Protector.”

“Dad, you are my best friend, my guide, and my teacher. You have always been there when I needed you the most. Wishing you a very happy Father’s Day.”

“Happy Fathers Day Dad! Thank you for bringing me up and being the best dad ever. Words can’t describe how much I love you.”

“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” – Billy Graham

“Happy Father’s Day means More than flowers and gifts It means saying Thank You, it means saying I Love You. You are the best dad and my best friend. Today is your day.”

“Dad, thanks for the love, the cutting up, the keeping it real, the always being there. Thanks for being just the man you are. Happy Father’s Day!”

“Fathers are like the candles they make daylight out of darkness. A father is someone who is concerned with everything we do.” – Lakshmi.N.K.

“One day is definitely not enough to honor dads around the world. But here are my heartiest wishes to you daddy. I love you the most. Happy Father’s Day.”


“You’ve been my best friend since my first day on earth and you’ll be the same till my last. Happy Father’s Day!”

“I’m a lucky daughter because I’ve got a Dad so sweet that all my friends wish they had. Happy Father’s Day Papa!”

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Heart Touching Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter

“I love my father as the stars—he’s a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart.”

“On this special day, I want to thank you, Dad, for being the best father in the world, for supporting me always and making me realize my strengths.”

“Dear Daddy, no matter where I go in life, you’ll always be my number one man. Happy Father’s Day 2022!”

“No man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.” – Hedy Lamarr

“In the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown.”

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” – Anonymous

“My father always provided me a safe place to land and a hard place from which to launch.” – Chelsea Clinton

“When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.” – Linda Poindexter

Heart Touching Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song.” – Anonymous

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

Funny Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter

“Dad, I love how we don’t even have to say out loud that I’m your favorite. Happy Father’s Day.”

“No one wants to see Dad dance, but he does it anyway. Happy Father’s Day.”

“In honor of Father’s Day, I promise to laugh at all of your jokes.”

“Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad.”

“Fatherhood is great because you can ruin someone from scratch.”

“I love this guy more than he loves his grill. (And that’s a lot!) Happy Father’s Day.”


“Your blessings and love are the two most precious things to me that make me a happy one. Happy Father’s Day to you dad.”

“I truly love the fact that I am your most favorite child and it is so obvious that you don’t have to tell it to the world…. Happy Father’s Day dad.”

“I smile because you’re my father. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” – Anonymous

“A daughter is a treasure and a cause of sleeplessness.” – Ben Sirach

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Father and Daughter Quotes for Instagram Caption

“A daughter may outgrow your lap but she’ll never outgrow your heart.” – Anonymous

“To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter.” – Euripides

“A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.” – Anonymous

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” – Richard Bach

“A father’s job is not to teach his daughter how to be a lady. It’s to teach her how a lady should be treated.” – Anonymous

“The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother.” – Elaine S. Dalton

Father and Daughter Quotes

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” – Antoine Francis Prevost

“No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” – Michael Ratnadeepak

“Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.” – Marinela Reka

“There’re two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she’s daddy’s little girl.” – Bob Carlisle

“It was my father who taught me to value myself.” – Dawn French

“No other love in the world is like the love of a father has for his little girl.” – Anonymous

“When I’m at my best, I am my father’s daughter.” – Anonymous

“I love my father as the stars – he’s a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart.” – Terri Guillemets


“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived, and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence Budington Kelland

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad, because you are so special to me.” – Wade Boggs

“A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.” – Gregory E. Lang

“I love my daddy. My daddy’s everything. I hope I can find a man that will treat me as good as my dad.” – Lady Gaga

“It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping.” – John Sinor

“They don’t make men like my daddy anymore.” – Loretta Lynn


“Old as she was, she still missed her Daddy sometimes.” – Gloria Naylor

“He who has daughters is always a shepherd.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Go on, take on this whole world/But to me you know you’ll always be/ My little girl.” – Tim McGraw

“Of all the titles I’ve been privileged to have, ‘Dad’ has always been the best.” – Ken Norton

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No one else can love a father as much as he loves his daughter. What a father can do for his daughter is incomparable. This world is safe and beautiful for every girl because she has a father. A father spends his whole life working for the welfare of his child. This sacrifice of the fathers cannot be repaid in any way. On Father’s Day we should try our best to make fathers happy. It could be a nice gift for Dad on this day, as well as a wish to write something nice on a card. Or maybe you can post a beautiful picture of you and your father on Facebook or Instagram with a beautiful Father’s Day quote caption. We hope you enjoy these fathers day quotes from daughter and that it will help you to express your love and affection for your father.

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